Emerging Media and the Market

Emerging media and its place in the market -and in marketing- has become increasing important over the last several years. The way in which we communicate is changing. The immediacy is changing. People are growing to expect, and even take for granted customized marketing, meaning, marketing messages created just for “me.” Not only do we expect this marketing to be personalized but we also expect hashtags and relevant information to draw us into a larger community.

However, while 1:1 personalized marketing is expected, emerging media is taking it to a new world of many to many. One person or business may post on social media or news feeds, tweet, blog, comment, upload, etc., etc. and then it may be shared by many to who may also share it and so on. Everyone has the potential to be content creator, writer, editor, critic, advocate, famous or anonymous.

The Conversation Prism

The avenues of conversation and communication through social and emerging media are many. This chart by Brian Solis and JESS3 represents the emerging digital environment we now live in. We typically think of just the big players – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, yet there are so many more… including my blog.

The key for marketers is knowing where and how to reach their intended market in an engaging way. Making the message responsive to the device their audience is viewing it on and pulling the customer in for more. Then, if done well, the (potential) customers will share your information and create positive earned media.

The posts these next several weeks will focus on various areas of emerging media as I work my way through WVU’s graduate course 619 on Emerging Media. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about it with you.

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