Developing more unlocked mobile phones

This week I had to switch cell phone service for the kids and myself from T-Mobile to AT&T. There just is never an easy way to go about changing service and it will inevitably rob a person of several hours of their life they will never get back. With such a connected world  it troubles me that cell phone providers customize phones to only work with their personal networks, that transferring your number from one carrier to another is so cumbersome and that there is such discrepancies in service from one provider to another. While I am an iPhone fan and probably always will be I do like the theory behind the new Google Pixel phone. Currently Verizon has a lock on selling the phone that’s customized with their service but Google also offers an “unlocked” phone that will work with any network provider. This is something that all phone manufacturers should provide which would extend the life of a phone and make it much easier to transfer service providers.

We have all become so attached to our phones to stay connected, directions, find information, entertainment, the list goes on. The service providers should not keep us captive to their contracts and networks.

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4 thoughts on “Developing more unlocked mobile phones

  1. Kim,
    I understand the frustration! When seeing the commercial on TV for the Google Pixel, I was surprised as well with the somewhat exclusive partnership with Verizon. The more recent crop of exclusive devices, such as Amazon’s Fire Phone available only through AT&T, quickly and epically failed. It is said that for the Google Pixel, there was a marketing motive for the deal. “The features like the Google Assistant quite frankly require that there’s a reliable network that’s quick and is accessible all of the time,” -Jeff Dietel, Verizon Wireless’ vice president of marketing.
    However, I am still skeptical on how successful the phone will be with the risky exclusivity to one service.


  2. I agree,

    The fact that we are so “locked in” with our carriers is a bit disheartening. It seems that things would be a bit more jubilant if we had a more “unlocked” sense when using our mobile devices. I feel that this would provide more optimism among carriers and users alike!



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