The Care and Feeding of your Digital Child the App


Over the years I have had several clients come to me wanting to develop an app for their business. Typically, digging deeper, some had a very functional idea(s) while many really had no idea what they truly wanted to accomplish but just felt that they should have some type of app.

Let’s assume now that the company you work for does have a functional app or 3 or even more! Forrester Research did a study in 2014 with e-business professionals and found that only 25% feel that they keep their app up to date enough to meet their own and customers’ demands. Interestingly infrastructure services rather than budget was a bigger contributing factor in not being able to keep up. Additionally the more platforms and devices it tried to support the less likely it was to be up to date.

Most companies use either a third party or some type of middleware to develop their apps as they don’t have the native resources in-house to develop. This makes sense to me in that a business should be focused on what it does best and let other companies who are best in their field develop what they do best. update

But with the IOS updates coming at rapid speed it is difficult to keep up. I am now starting so see this new error on several of the apps on my phone and many of the apps won’t work at all.

Multiple operating systems, screen sizes, devices and manufacturers are all contributing factors in the inability for apps to keep pace with technology updates.

From a business perspective a company must be committed to the care and feeding of the app so that it can grow and remain successful in the ever-changing digital environment. The new technologies need to be embraced with the infrastructure and budget to support it.

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Krill, Paul (2015) Marketers Can’t Keep Up With Updating on Their Mobile Apps retrieved 11/29/16 from

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