The Cost of Technology

Sometimes I feel that my 3 children and I spend too much time on our mobile devices and we all get caught up in looking at the screen. I have been over to a friend’s home and actually took a photo of everyone on their devices and no one talking. The same thing happened over Thanksgiving at my parents’ home. Everyone was on their devices taking a break from visiting. It did create some new engaging conversation once the conversation picked back up. It used to be the newspaper or a magazine, now it’s our phone or an iPad. While I wonder if we are missing out by staring at the screen it’s all things in moderation.

However, on the flip side, as a parent I absolutely love that I usually (as long as they respond and they know that’s important!) can find out where they are and what is going on and get answers to questions immediately. The immediate access is great. The instant communication is priceless. I also know that my kids have access to call for help or dial 911 immediately if needed. The benefits far outweigh the cons for me and I am finding new ways to engage with my children in our evolving digital world. I find it amazing that I let my 14 year old go to school with an $869 iPhone! I do though and he does use it to communicate with me at a moment’s notice.

What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of our current-day technology?

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