Personal Theme Songs

lime-twist-borderHow many of you have had theme songs? I’ve had several different theme songs throughout my life. Sometimes it’s just a song I can relate to or it has to do with a project I’m working on or it may just be a song I like. When I went thru the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program Eminem’s “Without Me” was my theme song. A little edgy but just what the ear-worm doctor ordered. I would hum that tune in the back of my head and it helped me to present with the internal mojo I needed.

Music speaks to us and thru us and often tells its story by metaphor and interpretation. The tune and lyrics can make us happy or sad or determined or positive or realistic or reflective or a number of other feelings.

Yesterday as I was driving a ½ hour to keep the warranty current on my car Spectrum XM radio played the song “Ain’t No Man” by The Avett Brothers. “Wow!” what a great song I thought. I want to hear that again.

Technology to the rescue… I verbally asked Siri to open Spotify (my son just talked me into getting a Spotlify account) and play that song and other songs by The Avett Brothers. It was awesome, I played that song three more times before I got to the car dealership. Once at the car dealership I had almost two hours to kill so I looked up the official video for “Ain’t No Man” on YouTube. Hmmm, great video too. Just to take technology a bit further I looked up the lyrics on Google Play Music to make sure of all the lyrics.

After doing my research I have a new official theme song to start out 2017. I hope all y’all enjoy it as much as I do!

Make your light shine!

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