Developing more unlocked mobile phones

This week I had to switch cell phone service for the kids and myself from T-Mobile to AT&T. There just is never an easy way to go about changing service and it will inevitably rob a person of several hours of their life they will never get back. With such a connected world  it troubles me that cell phone providers customize phones to only work with their personal networks, that transferring your number from one carrier to another is so cumbersome and that there is such discrepancies in service from one provider to another. While I am an iPhone fan and probably always will be I do like the theory behind the new Google Pixel phone. Currently Verizon has a lock on selling the phone that’s customized with their service but Google also offers an “unlocked” phone that will work with any network provider. This is something that all phone manufacturers should provide which would extend the life of a phone and make it much easier to transfer service providers.

We have all become so attached to our phones to stay connected, directions, find information, entertainment, the list goes on. The service providers should not keep us captive to their contracts and networks.

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There’s just marketing

Marketing. It’s all encompassing. What do you think of? Paper ads, magazine, banner ads, column ads, email, mobile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, social media posts,  interviews (…wait that ought to be PR…).

The creative, messaging and delivery needs to be scalable for today’s various marketing platforms.

Creatively it needs to be scalable in pixels and structure – horizontally and vertically and square.

Messaging it needs to work whether it’s for a billboard or an infomercial.

The delivery needs to be on target creatively and on brand yet still deliver the right messaging.

Regardless it needs to work for all devices. Any digital messaging needs to be responsive to numerous end devices.

The number of mobile devices being used is growing substantially. See below Facebook’s Mobile-only Active Monthly Users. It’s on a steady incline.

fb-actely-mauFigure 1: Monthly Active Mobile Users

Facebook’s mobile growth is due to the fact that Facebook’s application is so mobile friendly.

For applications to succeed they need to include a mobile component as part of the standard marketing framework.

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Over half of Facebook users access the service only on mobile

Emerging Media and the Market

Emerging media and its place in the market -and in marketing- has become increasing important over the last several years. The way in which we communicate is changing. The immediacy is changing. People are growing to expect, and even take for granted customized marketing, meaning, marketing messages created just for “me.” Not only do we expect this marketing to be personalized but we also expect hashtags and relevant information to draw us into a larger community.

However, while 1:1 personalized marketing is expected, emerging media is taking it to a new world of many to many. One person or business may post on social media or news feeds, tweet, blog, comment, upload, etc., etc. and then it may be shared by many to who may also share it and so on. Everyone has the potential to be content creator, writer, editor, critic, advocate, famous or anonymous.

The Conversation Prism

The avenues of conversation and communication through social and emerging media are many. This chart by Brian Solis and JESS3 represents the emerging digital environment we now live in. We typically think of just the big players – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, yet there are so many more… including my blog.

The key for marketers is knowing where and how to reach their intended market in an engaging way. Making the message responsive to the device their audience is viewing it on and pulling the customer in for more. Then, if done well, the (potential) customers will share your information and create positive earned media.

The posts these next several weeks will focus on various areas of emerging media as I work my way through WVU’s graduate course 619 on Emerging Media. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about it with you.

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